Exporting and Calibrating Printer

This is the first time I have exported right out a program for 3D printing and have it EXACTLY the size required. Exports were always too small from AutoCAD, and I had to eyeball the correct size against another STL file. The metal rod fits perfectly, so next print I will make room for the thread insert.

Had some trouble with the print. Using the .25mm nozzle (usually use a .4mm) to capture the small decal work proved to be struggle. I could not get the first layer to stick nicely. After doing some calibrating wizards on the Prusa, I was confident it would work. It worked well for about 4 hours until bad things happened…

The nozzle prompted a filament change mid print. Weird. So I pulled it out, clipped it and reinserted and it continued. There was some a lot of scarring on one of the halves and frays hanging off. I peaked at the nozzle and it was completely jammed up. I stopped the print.

Working with my professor, we thought the Extrusion Multiplier was to blame. Working off these blogs and some software, we got to work.



No success. Will try again tomorrow.

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